Love Cut Me

A million years ago, (alright, 37 years ago) Lodgic was writing and recording new songs on a daily basis.

Of course many of these tracks wouldn’t make the album.

One such song (written by J. Haun and yours truly) was completely forgotten by me until the old demo surfaced via a group email.

I submitted it many months later to a recording project and it was given a big “thumbs up”.

A couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the rhythm section tracked by two of my very favorite musicians on the planet: Vinnie Colaiuta and Leland Sklar.

And the kicker is, it was engineered by Niko Bolas, who was one of the engineers on the Lodgic album in 1984.

This one’s for you Michael S.

Love and miss you…💜

Freedom is a Fight

“When I was a young man with a free and younger mind

I wouldn’t get so stuck with all the words they left behind

I could turn away so easy and let it fade into the night 

But something isn’t right these days

It’s always on my mind and 

I can’t just let it go 

No, I can’t let it go…

It’s no wonder I want to bleed

When you take it from me

Freedom is a fight”

No matter where we fall in our different experiences, one thing remains true – Freedom is as essential as breathing.