Freedom is a Fight

“When I was a young man with a free and younger mind

I wouldn’t get so stuck with all the words they left behind

I could turn away so easy and let it fade into the night 

But something isn’t right these days

It’s always on my mind and 

I can’t just let it go 

No, I can’t let it go…

It’s no wonder I want to bleed

When you take it from me

Freedom is a fight”

No matter where we fall in our different experiences, one thing remains true – Freedom is as essential as breathing.

A Little Guitar Art

The TeleBee

I’ve had this Tele since 1993 (if memory serves). As a birthday gift, “My Bee” gave me a new custom pickguard – I just needed to upload a photo/file of something that I wanted.

I made this bit of Bee Art on a iPad a couple of years ago and I thought it would be apropos!

Thank You Betsy and